How To Get High Quality Photography Clients

So many people ask me how do I increase my prices. Nothing upsets me more than to think that that is all we are focused on. The truth of the matter is that in order to be paid more, we NEED to give more value.

What do clients value? Understanding that opens up the true potential of what photography as an art form, and as the gift that it is, can offer.

Unfortunately, in our industry, there has been little emphasis on how to achieve adding value to clients, from the client’s perspective, and so the result has been that photographers have resorted to devaluing their product by offering too much, too cheaply. This created a culture of price competing, and we all know where that ended up.

It is so normal today to think that a disc of images is the way to sell photos, and unfortunately our governing bodies don’t know how to help change that. A disc in so many people’s eyes has replaced product. But does this mean that the art of photography and prints that last a lifetime are dead?

Not at all.

In fact, this just opens up the market place for people who are looking for an authentic experience that allows them to rediscover themselves. People who are not just looking for photos, but who are looking for so much more.

Let’s face it, we could all use a reminder of who we really are as we journey though life, as we find ourselves settling in one way or another, forgetting who we are as we try to please others, couldn’t we?

Providing your clients with an experience that helps them rediscover their authentic self, that results in artwork for them to display on their walls, to allow them to see themselves in that authentic way, and experience themselves as that version of themselves forever, is the greatest gift you can give them.

I can promise you, there are more clients who are looking for that sort of Transformational Photographic Experience as I call it, and who are looking for artwork, than there are clients looking for a disc or usb… you just need to know how to create them.

Yes, I said “create” them. Great clients are made, not found. Remember that every time you get a new enquiry.

I have spent the last 25 years discovering the intricate elements that “create” amazing clients, or adversely, “create” the ones who your friends will tell you “just wasn’t your client” out of lack of knowledge of a way to have created a different result.

Time, and time again, I see posts in forums complaining about the rudeness of a enquiry asking for a disc or a price list. It absolutely frustrates me that more people don’t know what they are doing to create this in their enquiries. I am so passionate about changing that level of understanding in the industry, but I need photographers to jump on board to be able to make the difference I am aiming to make.

There is more to this industry than you have been led to believe. Deep down in your heart you know that you are here to make a difference in this world, and make that difference through your photography.

I would love to show those of you looking for a better way to run your photography business how…

I have turned everything I have learnt about creating the ideal client into a system. I have spent time flow charting each step, to build a manual that gives you the direction and confidence this industry has been calling out for, but that no one else knew how to provide.

The main focus is on creating a connection. Clients want to know that you see them, their individuality, their unique story. When you connect them to the true essence of the loves in their life you build their trust and their desire in what you can provide for them. You connect them to the true value of photography, because you have connected them to the true value within themselves and their loved ones.

You can discover, like so many of my clients have, that it is not that clients don’t value photography, it is that they don’t value themselves enough to spend money on something that is designed to showcase who they are. If who they are is something they are not proud of, how can they?

Learning the system that shows them how important they are, that shows them how valuable they are, changes everything.

In order to create great clients and not just overcome, but eliminate objections and people asking for discs you need a system that creates that at every step. During my workshops I show photographers like you each step of the system I have designed.

To see people leave and totally transform their business within weeks of completing the workshop is so exciting. Recently in Dallas, half of the attendees went home and got a $9k+ sale before the 2nd week was up. All because they now had the system to transform the lives of their clients.

One attendee actually had their 2nd $9k sale the very next week! That is going from nothing over $500 to two $9k+ sales in a two week period. The rewards they received were in direct relation to how much value the client perceived they received. They have never experienced clients with this much joy claiming that their lives had been changed forever and their artwork was worth every cent. A word of warning, this can be very overwhelming to receive this much gratitude from a client as they will only reward you for what you have allows them to discover and share

It is not a coincidence that when you focus on transforming the lives of your clients you make more money. This is a consistent result that my clients who implement this system experience. Each time they make a difference in the lives of their clients they get rewarded more than they expected was possible.

In my experience these results are not just limited to one location or one photographer who happens to have a great personality… this is a result being replicated throughout my membership base of photographers from all different countries, all different sized towns.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to learn how to create this result for themselves. Everyday you operate in your business without this system is costing you money, and may be costing your clients a transformational experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to learn how to create this result, not just for themselves, but for their families as well. You see… the transformations that occur during Empower Focused Workshop secretly effects you and your relationships too. Everyone benefits.

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